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Dee Summerhill


"Well I just wanna say your lashes are A1. Actually, the best I've had in the quads!! Very dramatic and full just like i like. Also, can i say long lasting! I literally love every single pair!"

-Dee Summerhill

Maiya Minor


"I really like how the band is thick, most lashes have a thin band that doesn't take long for them to break or bend. The length of the lashes are always perfect to me. This was my first year wearing lashes. Overall, the best lashes I've bought."


-Maiya Minor


Ashea Lenea


"I really love the lashes that Ebony has, every single one of them! They last a very long time with good care to them, and add a chic look to a plain day! i have "Ashea Lenea" "On Go" and "Meditate" (which aren't sold anymore). My favorite so far is "On Go", because it isn't too much or not enough!


-Ashea Lenea

Danielle Faith Lowery


"I love em! The "On Go" pair are my favorite. They're so full, but they actually feel kinda lightweight, and they were super easy to put on"


-Danielle Lowery

Alexis Samone


"I LOVE my Ebony Nicole Lashes They are all BOMB, but my favorites are "Lizzy" "Ashea Lenea" and "On Go". I love how light they are and how easy they are to apply. Ebony ships them just as fast as she can deliver them. I live in a different city, so being able to still get my lashes & get them in a timely manner is everything! Shop Ebony Nicole she will get you right & keep you right."


-Alexis Samone

Aaliyah Cole


"I never wear lashes, ESPECIALLY big ones, but these are perfect! Soft, long, and easy to apply! Best lashes I've ever seen."


-Aaliyah Cole

Kel Hogan


"I love the lashes! I woke up this morning feeling myself. I like the fact that they are not aggravating my eyelids. I can say your product is some of the best products that I've have used in a very long time.I cant wait to get some more next week. Thanks again for your time and I love your work."


-Kel Hogan

Kiara D. Cheatom


"Lizzy" definitely replaced "Maliah Michel". What I love about your lashes is that they're very light weight but still full. I like that the band on the lash isn't too thick and you're honestly the one person that got me started on the 25mm lashes and I haven't went back since! Great product overall."


-Kiara Cheatom

Rhea Rogers


"Ebony Nicole lashes have the best selection and quality lashes around. They are son lightweight and comfortable to wear, that they have become a must have in my daily makeup routine!"


-Rhea Rogers

Julia Lashae Johnson


"Poca Baby" is my favorite they are big and full but super light weight and easy to put on I love them I wouldn't get lashes from anyone else your lashes are definitely my favorite"


-Julia Johnson

Chavarria Hughes


"Every pair i've purchased are full, beautiful and durable"

-Chavarria Hughes

Ari Godfrey


"I bought 4 pair of lashes and while "Madison" are my favorite I love the look feel and quality of all the lashes I bought. I've gotten so many compliments and even made my bestie become a customer. We love Ebony's lashes and we love that shes even willing to deliver them straight to our door! Top notch lashes. Top notches customer service. I couldn't ask for anything more other than another pair!"


-Ari Godfrey

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